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Are Compounded Bioidentical Hormones Right for You?

Pharmaceutical bioidentical hormones come from plant sources that have chemically similar hormones to humans. The product offers a hormone therapy alternative for women who want relief from the hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disruptions and other issues common during and after menopause. The therapy works best with doctor supervision and a compounding pharmacist.

What Bioidentical Hormones Contain

Bioidentical hormones typically contain 17 beta-estradiol, the main estrogenic hormone found in the body. Other ingredients in the mixture can vary based on the needs of the patient and who makes the supplement. Oral consumption of the hormone reaches the body through metabolism in the liver. Alternatively, topical creams allow the hormone to enter the bloodstream directly.

When to Begin Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

Only about 40 percent of bioidentical hormone users take them due to menopause. The other 60 percent include people that have low hormone levels due to illness or disease. Some women experience estrogen declines because of a severe diet or excessive exercise.

The signs of an estrogen deficiency include fatigue, the loss of muscle mass, and mood changes and memory loss. Many women experience a decline in their sex drive as well as pain or dryness that reduces the joy of intimacy for them. Sleep disturbances, hot flashes, and night sweats are also common. A medical visit will confirm the diagnosis of a hormone imbalance.

Why Bioidentical Hormone Treatment Matters

Traditional hormone replacement helps keep women more comfortable, but it is not without risks. The side effects can include problems like headaches or nausea but may also include more serious concerns like an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and several types of cancer. Women that choose bioidentical hormones often do so to try and avoid these risks.

Another concern is that many medical professionals have limited the time women could take replacement hormones because of the risk factors. Recent studies show that menopause symptoms like hot flashes often last for a decade after menopause. Recommendations for traditional hormone therapy suggest that the duration of hormone treatment should not exceed five years.

Bioidentical hormone therapy could become a practical choice for women left in the gap between the recommended five-year schedule and how their body reacts after menopause. Most women will have the desire to stay free of the side effects of a changing body but are fearful of what it could mean to their health if they remain on the same hormone replacement for too long.

Where to Shop for Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

Online retailers across the internet sell supplements for bioidentical hormone replacement. Unfortunately, the pre-made formulas may not meet the specific needs of each patient. A dose that is too low for the patient could leave them with the same complaints that got them started on treatment in the first place. A dose too high for the needs of the individual could cause weight gain or menstrual irregularities.

Compounding pharmacies make every prescription specifically for the needs of the individual patient. The customer gets the exact dose they need, and they can have it in the form that works best for them. Some people may prefer topical creams or gels and others may want a pill or other oral delivery method.

Another benefit when people use a compounding pharmacy is that the pharmacist knows the medication as well as the patient. They will realize when the product may interact poorly with other prescriptions or supplements. The pharmacist's knowledge of the bioidentical hormone formula also makes it possible for them to know when an ingredient may affect allergies or other conditions.

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