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Strep Throat in Children

A strep throat infection, also called pharyngitis, occurs when group A streptococcus bacteria invade the throat and the body's immune system struggles to kill these bacteria naturally. Strep throat infections most commonly affect children ages 5 to 15, and these infections occur more often in children who spend hours each day in schools and daycare centers around other infected children. The average child develops one strep throat infection about every four years. While strep throat infections treated promptly and properly typically do not cause lasting damage to your child's body, untreated strep throat can lead to the development of pneumonia, an inflammation of the membrane covering the brain called meningitis, and/or rheumatic fever. Due to the severe complications that can occur when strep throat goes untreated, it is important to recognize the signs of this infection and take your child to the pediatrician at the first signs of strep throat for proper diagnosis and treatment. Strep throat symptoms include red swollen tonsils, throat pain that worsens when swallowing, fever, nausea, and possible white patches on the back of the throat. Read on to learn the benefits of obtaining your child's strep throat medications from a compounding pharmacy instead of a traditional pharmacy. Skip the Pill Crushing Since strep throat is a bacterial infection, your child's doctor will prescribe one or more antibiotics to help your child fight the infection. Antibiotic tablets can be large and difficult for children to swallow, especially when suffering from strep throat. In addition, antibiotic pills are only produced in several dosages that are often too strong for small children. Taking an antibiotic that is too strong can lead to an additional stomach upset and diarrhea. While pills can be crushed and placed in treats your child will eat, such as applesauce or pudding, many antibiotics have a strong taste that even your child's favorite treats cannot disguise. A compounding pharmacy can administer your child's antibiotic in a form that is much easier for your child to take. While standard liquid antibiotic suspensions can be produced, your child's antibiotic can also be produced in the form of a gummy bear candy, a lollipop that eases their sore throat as they obtain their needed antibiotic or even a flavored frozen pop that also soothes their throat. Surprisingly, some medications traditionally taken in oral form can be formulated into topical creams that are absorbed transdermally through your child's skin. Eliminate Allergy-triggering Binders and Bulking Agents If your child suffers from food allergies, then be aware that an estimated 93 percent of all standard medications contain inactive ingredients that are potential allergens. Most of these allergens are unnecessary bulking and/or binding agents. Just a few of these ingredients include lactose, wheat additives that contain gluten, peanut oil, and many artificial dyes. Compounding pharmacies cater to people of all ages who suffer from food allergies. They typically have many alternative medication binders and bulking agents available to create medications that are completely allergen-free. Add Medications to Soothe Throat Pain & Ease Upset Stomach While antibiotics typically begin fighting strep throat bacteria immediately, your child's throat will likely continue to feel sore for up to several days after antibiotic treatment starts. A compounding pharmacist can add a throat-numbing additive, such as tetracaine or lidocaine, to your child's antibiotic lollipops or freeze pops to ease their sore throat pain until it disappears naturally. If your child is suffering from nausea and/or vomiting that can accompany strep throat, then ask your physician for a prescription anti-nausea medication that your compounding pharmacist can also add to your child's antibiotic formulation. If you have a child between the ages of 5 and 15, always watch for the signs of strep throat when they have a sore throat and obtain medical treatment before strep throat complications occur. Contact Camelback Compounding Pharmacy for all of your pediatric compounding needs.